Digital Marketing mistakes by SMEs

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Many Businesses make

Starting and running a small business is a complex and constantly changing challenge. The first year and years to any business can be hell in heaven.

Every new marketing gimmick you try, there is no guarantee it will work out for your business or not. Small business often means small teams, small budgets and small sales. Mistakes can be made in any setting, but with small businesses, they are not too many chances for marketing mistakes.

While generally, mistakes can be a positive learning experience, you can save a lot of time, energy and money if you avoid some mistakes. Here are 5 common mistakes small businesses should try to avoid;

#1 Not Having a Marketing Plan

Trying to promote a business without a marketing plan is like searching for a needle in the dark. You may get lucky and make sales but chances are, you will waste a lot of time, money and morale energy if you don’t have a Marketing plan. Every serious Business have a Marketing plan and that’s what you need to start with if you want to make any sales.


#2 Targeting the Wrong Audience

One very common mistake of small business owners is being too optimistic that everyone or most in a broad audience are potential customers. Before launching a digital marketing campaign, take the time to understand your target audience, build buyer personas, and create an accurate picture of who you want to reach with your digital marketing campaign.


#3 Not having a Website

Did you know that 97% of local consumers search for a local business very year? That looks like guess fact but if you wanted to find Best lodges in Blantyre or Lilongwe, on your list of options will be to search on the internet. Despite this fact, only a handful percent of small businesses have a website in Malawi. If you want a success digital marketing campaign and an online presence, you have to start with a website. The most serious consumers often want to visit your website and know most about your business before picking up the phone to call you, email or visit you.
In case you assume that an effective dynamic website is a financial impossibility, for a small business or organization, you might just be surprised at how affordable a business site can be. 

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#4 Ignoring Social Media

Facebook isn’t just for college friends or high school kids anymore. For small businesses looking to launch a successful digital marketing campaign, Facebook and other social media platforms, offer easy and affordable access to wide networks of potential customers. Instead of avoiding social media for such narratives as for kids or the negative perception you have forwards Social Media, it is good to embrace all the potential these networks provide your business’ growth.

#5 Ignoring SWOT Analysis

While you want to make sure you are differentiating yourself from the competition, there is a lot you can learn by scoping out your biggest competitors. To start, you can learn a lot by conducting a Google search, and checking out what your competitors are doing on social media. Once you have some research on-hand, conduct a SWOT analysis for each major competitor and then your own business to uncover some new marketing opportunities.

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying each of these factors for your business and other businesses in your field will give you insights into how you can beat out the competition. Now that you know what to avoid as you get started marketing your small business, it's time to focus on what you should be doing. Start putting your marketing plan together so you can reach new customers the right way.